Projects and Planning

The planning team of PROS Consulting and StudioOutside was retained to be a partner with the city to develop the 2015 Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This master plan was built around a series of technical assessment processes to measure the parks and recreation system, as well as the operational management of policies, procedures, parks, facilities, programs, and services against best practices in the state and region.

Information regarding location of park.  Including, but not limited to details such as location, size, facilities, condition, strengths and weakness of park. Information for design opportunities and care.

Information regarding marketing.  Topics ranging from marketing practices and situational analysis, marketing segmentation, value proposition, social media, etc.  Also included are tactics, engagement strategies and recommended platforms.

The mission statement for the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department was revised through the master planning process and is as follows:

“The mission of the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department is to directly contribute to the City’s quality of life by providing exceptional

programs, facilities, parks, and trails while celebrating and preserving the community’s natural and cultural heritage.”

Data has been provided to PROS by the City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department.  Date includes:   Policies, Management and Staff input, Park Inventory and Assessments etc.

The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department desired to develop a Business Plan for the Sports Park as part of the larger System Master Plan development process. PROS Consulting LLC was hired to develop the Business Plan to help the Sports Park increase the level of utilization across varied groups maximize operational efficiency.