Oceans in Space

Oceans In Space is a journey of exploration that seeks out places where conditions are favorable for life to exist. This original and thought-provoking presentation highlights the search for extrasolar planets and an understanding of the conditions necessary to form and sustain life. Inspired in part by the goals of NASA's Origins Program -- an effort to answer the enduring questions that spur space exploration -- this program introduces audiences to the diversity of life on our home planet even as humans embark on the search for life in the universe.

The show travels back in time more than five billion years, to trace the origin and evolution of the solar system from a cloud of gas and dust. It then describes the formation of our planet's oceans, and speculates about the places where life could have begun nearly four billion years ago. It presents the three requirements for the nourishment of life on Earth -- and most likely anywhere else in the universe: warmth, water, and organic material.