Greens/City Grounds

The Department of Public Works Greens staff is comprised of two Supervisor, one Forester and thirty (30) full-time employees. The staff is responsible for the grounds maintenance on City owned and leased buildings as well as other designated locations throughout the City. The Greens division is responsible for many duties which includes the mowing, edging and trimming of trees, watering trees and emergency tree removals. 

  • Evaluated and trimmed 3,465 trees
  • Removed 675 damaged or diseased trees
  • Watered 10,772 trees
  • Mowed 3,568 sites in Brownsville
  • Planted or relocated 282 trees
  • Mowed 160 miles of ditches 
  • Scraped 39 miles of curbs 
  • Swept 10,827 miles of streets


The Greens Division has played a vital role with ensuring that the City of Brownsville continues to be recognized as a Tree City USA Community for the past eighteen (18) years. This is a prestigious award for the City of Brownsville. The City Forester has also spent this year working on a 1,800 square foot greenhouse. The Forester’s goal for the greenhouse is to provide a nurturing location to grow seedlings to at least two to three feet in height. Currently, the greenhouse is housing over 550 seedlings (native trees) that were transplanted to pots by volunteers and will later be planted. This year alone the Forester has reviewed over 90 Site Plan reviews and completed over 100 landscaping inspections.


The Greens Division is more unique than any other division within the Public Work Department. Their main responsibilities are to ensure that the City’s medians and easements are maintained. Some streets medians for example are; FM 802, Palm Boulevard, Morrison Road, University Boulevard, Mexico Boulevard, just to name a few. This division also takes pride in assisting other divisions and departments throughout the City. The division assists the street maintenance, the Fire Department, the Police Department, Health Department, the Parks Department and in multiple City sponsored events. This division is responsible for trimming the trees for the Streets division to ensure clearance for the paving equipment. This division is responsible for mowing, trimming and cleaning the Fire and Police Department training centers. During FY-2017, the division had dedicated two (2) full-time employees to assist the Health Department with the fight against the Zika Virus. These employees installed mosquito traps, check them and harvest mosquito to be analyzed.