Building Maintenance

The Department of Public Works Building Maintenance staff is comprised of two Supervisors and twelve (12) full-time employees. The staff has substantial knowledge and experience in all aspects of municipal building maintenance and are responsible for maintaining approximately 50 City buildings, including the interior and exterior of the structures. The staff’s major responsibility and focus is in preventative maintenance. This would include routine inspections and maintenance help to keep the buildings running at optimum levels and helps to prevent system breakdowns. As well as electrical, plumbing, carpentry work, remodeling, repairs, sprinklers, building cabinets and shelves (for all Departments and Divisions) and HVAC (Air Conditioner) maintenance and repairs. In addition to all their building maintenance responsibilities there are also many miscellaneous tasks that require of them to respond to internal work orders and coordinating with specialized contractual service.

  • Evaluated and completed 636 work orders for building maintenance
  • Completed 4 special projects
  • Buildings maintained 49
  • Air Conditioners Units maintained

City Facility Listing

Nine (9) Fire Stations Six (6) Public Works Buildings  Three (3) Landfill Buildings 
Three (3) Police Stations Animal Shelter Five (5) Museums
City Plaza City Hall Two (2) Librarires
Eleven (11) Pump Stations Sports Park Market Square 
Event Center  Capital Building  Airport
Police Dept. Training Center Police Dept. Firing Range  El Tapiz Building 

The Building maintenance department completed a major project at the Brownsville West Side Police Department. The division invested approximately 505 man hours and took less than a month to complete the project. The project consisted of removing old, worn out wallpaper, repaired all damage, taped and floated adding a textured finish and applying a new coat of primer and two (2) coats of paint. The project was started on January 17, 2017 and was completed on February 7, 2017.  Another major project completed was the Brownsville Event Center. The division invested approximately 731 man hours and took a little over a month to complete the project. The project entailed the repairing of all damaged stucco, repair of the tool shed and block wall in the back, repairs and painting of the gazebo and two (2) coats of fresh paint.