Plan Review Checklist


Plans shall be submitted on a minimum of 11 X 14 inches in size and include the layout of the floor plan accurately drawn to a minimum scale of ¼ inch = 1 foot.

Included with on the floor plan, is a proposed seating layout, and wait staff area if applicable.

Menu shall be submitted with the floor plan.

Location of all equipment shall be shown with each piece clearly labeled with its common name. Also include drawings of self-service hot and cold holding units with sneeze guards shown, if applicable.

Plans shall include finish schedules for each room. Schedule shall list the finish surfaces for all floors (include base coving), walls, and ceiling surfaces.

Plans shall include a lighting schedule showing the location and minimum foot candle amount of light provided for each area. For example, a minimum of 10 foot candles shall be provided in walk-ins and dry storage; a minimum of 50 foot candles is provided directly above work surfaces in food preparation and dish-wash areas. Include type of shielding for each light fixture.

Plans shall include dry storage areas (this area shall equal at least 15% of the total kitchen area); indoor garbage areas (to include outdoor dumpster location), and can wash areas where applicable.

Plans shall specify room sizes, aisle spaces (36” inch width minimum), and width between equipment.

Plans shall include a plumbing schedule, and show the location of floor drains, hot water generating equipment (note water heater capacity on the plan), and toilet facilities.

Plans shall show adequate hand-washing sinks in designated toilet rooms, in ware-wash areas, in food preparation areas, and in bar or wait staff areas. Splash-guards shall be shown where needed, and/or required.

Plans shall include specifics about dish washing; 3 compartment sink with dual integral drain-boards, and non-corrosive racks/shelves for air drying. Plans shall also include any other sink that may be needed such as a pot wash, bar dump sink, or food preparation sink.

Plans shall include the location and type of a mop facility enclosure with a rack to hang mops and brooms up off the floor. Said walls must resist moisture, and shall be marked as such.

Plans shall include areas to handle soiled dishes and pans, and areas for washed items to dry.

Food equipment schedule shall be included to specify that all equipment is commercial grade and NSF approved. Include manufacturer and model #’s on all equipment.

Plans shall include specifications about entrances, exits, loading docks, etc., and show self-closing doors on exits and bathroom doors. Plan should also show air curtains where required.

Plans shall include storage for toxic items, personal belongings, and locker areas.

Plans shall include the location and type of laundry facilities, if applicable.

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