Swimming Pool Construction Plan Review Checklist

The following items must be included on plans (additional information may be required):

Name and physical address of the property at which the pool/spa is to be constructed.

Name of the designer with signature and seal if designed by a Registered Sanitarian, Professional Engineer/Architect, or other design professional.

Name and phone number of a responsible party or principal contact.

Classification of the pool, as per TAC Chapter 265; i.e., Class A, B, C, or D.

Scaled overhead diagram of the pool/spa yard and surrounding area with dimensions, elevations, and distances from buildings, emergency phone(s), restrooms, showers, water fountains, water, or fill-hose connection(s), etc., as applicable.

Scaled overhead diagram of the pool/spa indicating decking, entries & exits, return inlets, suction outlets, lights, skimmers, visual separation bands/demarcations, offset ledges, seat benches, water lounges, zero-depth entries, deck-top “NO DIVING” wording, and symbol, water depths, etc.

Cross-section diagram of the pool/spa, enclosure, decking, pool/spa entry steps/ladders/recessed treads, etc., with all vertical/horizontal dimensions, including the depth of the pool/spa at various points and depth marker tiles.

The volume of the pool/spa in gallons.

Construction materials used for the finished pool/spa interior, decking, and enclosure.

Specify the suction outlet cover(s) or grate(s), and any suction vacuum release or anti-entrapment devices, in accordance with TAC Chapter 265 and the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.

Specify the design turnover rate with calculations.

Filter type/media specifications and capacity.

Specify the method of disinfection.

Provide a statement indicating how pool/spa filter backwash will be disposed of (as applicable).

Enclosures must be designed in accordance with TAC Chapter 265 and TX HSC Chapter 757.

Please submit the information above at your earliest convenience. Information may be submitted via email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Swimming Pool Construction Plan Review Checklist