City of Brownsville- Tu Salud Si Cuenta (Your Health Matters)  

Tu Salud ¡Si Cuenta! (Your Health Matters) is one of the many initiatives in Brownsville aimed at creating a Culture of Health. Tu Salud Si Cuenta is an evidence based community wide campaign that focuses on improving health outcomes. It aims to address the alarmingly high rates of obesity and diabetes within our region.

The City of Brownsville currently collaborates with UTHealth School of Public Health-Brownsville Regional Campus to carry out the functions of Tu Salud Si Cuenta. One of the neat aspects of this collaboration is our ability offer free exercise classes within the City of Brownsville. Currently, you can stream all of the Tu Salud Si Cuenta programming online.

For more information on the campaign, feel free to check out the Tu Salud Si Cuenta website and follow the Facebook page for a variety of free exercise classes brought to you by the many Tu Salud Si Cuenta instructors.

February 2024 Exercise Classes
TSSC February 2024 Newsletter page 2
TSSC February 2024 Newsletter page 2