Certificate of Occupancy

Please note: If you have already submitted plans, or are planning on remodeling, changing the layout, or otherwise altering the  space, please refer to the submittal requirements here: Construction Document Submittal Checklist

Here is the step-by-step process of how to get your Certificate of Occupancy: 


 1. Find a location  

Before purchasing or leasing a new space, decide if it will fit your business needs. Start the conversation with your development and zoning teams to ensure that your specific business is allowed there and if there are any specific building requirements for the proposed business


2. Visit our Online Permitting System Accela Citizen Access (ACA), create an account, and complete the application online. You will also need to attach a floor plan with accurate dimensions and labels for each space in the building. Please see link below for list of what to include in your drawing. 


3. Visual Inspection- After the Certificate of Occupancy application is initially reviewed by the Development Team

  • Inspection is usually scheduled for the following business day to identify any deficiencies. Inspection Checklist
  • If deficiencies are found, a report will be provided via email. Life and safety deficiencies must be resolved prior to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy and generally require a second inspection. Additional Permits may be required for some building or Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing repairs.
  • The Development Team will send a notification via email when the application is ready for payment


4. Pay for the Certificate of Occupancy and Fire Inspection

  • Log back into your Accela Citizen Access (ACA) Account and pay for both fees at the same time. The CO fee is $100, and the fire inspection is $30 under 1500 square feet, and $50 over 1500 square feet. The total will be either $130 or $150. 


5. Fire Inspection

  • Call (956) 548-6075 to schedule the fire inspection. Fire Inspection Checklist
  • If repairs are required by fire, make repairs and notify the fire department


6. Receive your Certificate of Occupancy

  • Once all inspections and repairs are approved, we will create the Certificate and email a copy to the email on file
  • If you got all other required licenses, you may now open your business and welcome customers!

*If you have any food products, service, or handling you will also need to contact the health department for a health license at (956) 542-3437

**If you plan on serving alcohol, you will also require a TABC license. Please contact the city secretary for more information at (956) 548-6042

*** If you  have a restaurant, car wash, laundromat, auto service/sales, medical/dental office, dry cleaner, hotel, photo/film/xray processing or other business type that uses oil or solvent type products, you may need pretreatment approval. See Requirements here or call BPUB at (956) 983-6518