STEP 5: Permit Issuance

In order for permits to be issued:
  • Approvals from ALL Departments are needed, for Site Plan Review and/or Building Plan Review. If all approvals are received from City Departments and Entities, the owner and/or contractor then receives a call to come into the office to pick up the Final Approved Drawing Set and pay for the permit(s). Permits may only be pulled by the General Contractor that is registered with the City of Brownsville.  Contractor may register by filling out the Contractor Registration Form.
  • After the Master Permit is issued, trade permits (electrical, mechanical, plumbing and irrigation) may be pulled by licensed contractor. An issued permit becomes invalid if the work on the site authorized by the permit does not commence with 180 days of issuance, or if the work on the site is incomplete due to suspension or abandonment 180 days after the work commenced.