The Brownsville Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for conducting and coordinating fire inspections for many different types of new and existing commercial occupancies, such as daycare facilities, restaurants, doctor offices, theaters, and many more.

Fire Inspectors conduct these inspections to identify and correct any hazards or conditions that could cause a fire, contribute to its spread, and that could endanger occupants and firefighters during a fire.

Each and every inspection is done with everyone's safety in mind. Prevention and preparation is key! 

To schedule a fire inspection call our office at 

(956) 548-6075
Inspections are conducted Monday-Friday and  are to be scheduled no less than 1 business day before.

Federal Fire Sprinkler Tax Incentive Information

Sec. 50-73. - Fire prevention fees

Hospital/nursing home inspections $200.00 1st Annual Inspection
$50.00 each additional
Day Care (Adult & Child) $50.00
Lab/clinics $100.00
Temporary food stands $10.00 per stand/per day
Certificate of occupancy inspection $30.00 up to 1,500 sq. ft.
$50.00 over 1,500 sq. ft.
Apartment inspection fee $100.00 up to 20 units
$200.00 over 20 units
Warehouse and bonded warehouse inspections $200.00
Commercial inspections (by request, non-C.O.) $30.00 under 1,500 sq. ft.
$50.00 over 1,500 st. ft.
Detention facilities (up to 3 inspections per year per facility)  $200.00 per year/per facility
$50.00 each additional inspection
Temporary structures (tents, portable buildings) (Non-food stands-Permit valid for 1 year from date purchased) $30.00
Circus/carnivals (per food stand for the duration of the stay) $30.00