Audit & Oversight Committee

Meetings: The Committee shall meet at least once each month; as deemed necessary or requested by any two members. 

Members: COMPOSITION: Shall consist of no less than three (3) but no more than five (5) members as deemed necessary by the City Commission. 

METHOD OF APPOINTMENT: The City Commission shall appoint members and they serve subject to terms and conditions in the City of Brownsville Policy on board and Commission Member Appointment Eligibility. Additionally, each member shall serve subject to the following:

  • Members shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years
  • A member may not serve more than two (2) terms of two (2) years
  • Any vacancy occurring on the committee shall be filled by the City Commission and any member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve only for the unexpired term of his or her predecessor in office 
  • A member who serves the remainder of an unexpired term is eligible to serve two (2) terms of two years following the unexpired term Continuance of audit committee members will be reviewed annually to ensure continuity within the audit committee, the appointment of members should be staggered.

Current Members: Commissioner John F. Cowen, Jr. Commissioner Rose Gowen Francisco Orozco 

Overview: The Audit & Oversight Committee is to provide oversight of the City’s governance, risk management, and internal control practices to ascertain the integrity of its practices therefore providing confidence and transparency through independent structured, and systematic oversight. 

The committee will assist the City Commission and management by providing independent advice and guidance on the adequacy of the City’s initiatives regarding values and ethics, governance structure, risk management, internal control framework, oversight of the internal audit activity, external auditors and other providers of assurance.

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