Special Needs Advisory Committee


The Special Needs Advisory Board (SNAB) serves as an advisory body to the city commission and city manager and is established by City Ordinance to investigate and report on ways the city can more effectively and efficiently assist persons with special needs relating to physical, mental or emotional issues. The SNAB shall:

(a)Monitor and assess the city's policies, practices, and procedures with respect to accommodating persons with special needs.

(b)Recommend any appropriate changes in those policies, practices, and procedures and accommodations to the city manager, or his designee, and to the city commission.

(c)Report on its activities to the city commission on an annual basis at a time to be determined by the city commission.

Composition and term of office:

The membership of the SNAB should include people with disabilities and representatives of agencies and organizations who are interested in providing services to people with disabilities and who are interested in the abilities and specific needs of people with disabilities. It shall consist of the following:

(a)There shall be seven voting members of the board;

(b)Voting members will be appointed from each electoral district by its respective district commissioner;

(c)Members may be appointed from any district by at-large commissioners; and

(d)Members may be appointed from any district by the mayor.  

City Staff/Department Support:  

The directors of the city metro, parks, planning, public health, public works, and traffic departments shall each designate a representative from their respective departments to attend meetings but such persons shall not be members of the board and shall not have a vote.


The board shall meet as needed with any meetings subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act, V.T.C.A., Government Code Ch. 551. The meeting shall at all times be open to the public.

If a member is absent for three consecutive meetings or three unexcused absences within a 12-month period, that member may be replaced by the city commission. It is the chair's responsibility to notify the city commission of any member to which this applies.

Board Liaison: 

Damaris McGlone, Parks and Recreation Director

Phone: 956-542-2064

Email:  damaris.mcglone@cob.us

To ask specific questions about the SNAB, please contact the Board Liaison.  

Apply to serve on this Board at:  https://www.cob.us/FormCenter/City-Secretary-17/Public-Service-Application-154