Ethics Advisory Commission

The Ethics Advisory Commission is established by ordinance and is composed of seven members. Each member of the city commission shall have an appointment to the Ethics Advisory Commission. All members of the Ethics Advisory Commission will be appointed to terms of two years. Members may be reappointed to successive terms. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term. Members of the inaugural board of ethics shall draw straws to determine which three members will receive an initial term of one year in order to stagger the terms.


Each member of the Ethics Advisory Commission shall meet the requirements of any applicable section of the city Code or Charter, except as specifically provided otherwise in this article. Additionally, no member of the commission may be:

(1)A city official or the spouse or domestic partner of a city official; (2)A city employee or the spouse or domestic partner of a city employee; (3)An elected public official; (4)A candidate for elected public office; (5)A person who, for compensation, represents the private interest of others before the city commission; or (6)A paid campaign worker or a political consultant of a current city commission member.

Jurisdiction, Powers and Duties:

The Ethics Advisory Commission shall have jurisdiction to review and make findings concerning any alleged violation of Chapter 38 Code of Ethics of the City’s Code of Ordinances by any person subject to the chapter. This jurisdiction includes but is not limited to current city officials, employees, former city officials, employees previously terminated and persons doing business with the city.

The Ethics Advisory Commission shall prepare and submit an annual report to the city commission detailing the activities of the Ethics Advisory Commission during the prior year. The format for the report must be designed to maximize public and private understanding of the Ethics Advisory Commission's operations. The report may recommend changes to the text or administration of this chapter. The city secretary shall take reasonable steps to ensure wide dissemination and availability of the annual report of the Ethics Advisory Commission.


In addition to such other powers as are specifically granted in Chapter 38, the Ethics Advisory Commission has the power, only, to:(1) Establish, amend, and rescind rules and procedures governing its own internal organization and operations in a manner and form consistent with the Code of Ethics ; ( 2) Meet as often as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities; (3) Request from the city manager through the city commission the appointment of such staff as is necessary to carry out the duties of the commission; (4)Review, index, maintain on file, and dispose of sworn complaints; (5)Make findings of fact as necessary for the disposition of a complaint; and (6)Make notifications, extend deadlines, and conduct investigations.

To File an Ethics Complaint: 

The SWORN COMPLAINT must be in writing.    Complete a SEPARATE SWORN COMPLAINT form for each Respondent. The complaint must specify the ethical violation that is alleged to be violated AND the facts which are alleged to constitute the violation, based on Chapter 38 of the City of Brownsville Code of Ethics

Ethics Complaint Form

Instructions to fill out the Ethics Advisory Complaint Form

The complaint must be filed with the Office of the City Secretary:

Address:  1034 E. Levee St. | P.O. Box 911
Brownsville, TX 78520

 Failure to complete the Ethics Complaint Form properly will cause your Complaint to be noncompliant and returned. 
**A person filing a frivolous or bad faith complaint may be subject to the penalty of perjury under Texas law. **

Board Liaisons:       

Yolanda Galarza-Gomez, Interim City Secretary  

Victor Flores, City Attorney  


City Staff Contact:

Helen Ramirez, Interim City Manager

The city attorney's office shall act as the legal counsel to the Ethics Advisory Commission.

For questions about the Ethics Advisory Commission, call Phone: 956-548-6011.  

Apply to serve on the Ethics Advisory Commission at