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turf 00UPDATE:

Turf fertilization began Monday, September 18, 2023 and  is currently in progress.    Date of completion is Friday, September 29th.

The following are dates and locations (and number of fields at location)  that have undergone fertilization and weed control:

Monday,  September 18, 2023:  

Oliveria Park: 17 fields , FM 511 fertilization: 4 fields, Dean porter Park:  2 sites

Tuesday, September 19, 2023:  

West Little League:2 fields,  Lincoln Park:  2 fields, Trico: 2 fields

Wednesday 9/20/2023:

Gonzalez Park: 7 fields,  Morningside Park: 9 fields 


In order to ensure good sportsmanship, fair play and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials and spectators, COB PARD has established an Athletics Code  of Conduct for players, coaches and parents. The standards of behavior identified in this code are not intended to be all-inclusive. All participants should be aware that any behavior not specifically described but failing to meet the spirit and intent of this code may subject those involved to disciplinary action at the discretion of Parks & Recreation.

For more information about programs and leagues, please contact Araceli Sandoval at (956) 275-1387.

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