Large Format Printing

The Brownsville Public Library Makerspace offers use of a HP Design Jet T650 for public use. Large format printing allows patrons to print images on a larger scale.  

Brand/ Model 

HP Design Jet T650 

Maximum Print Size 

Maximum print size is 36 inches wide, length can be as long as needed. 


Materials Types 

  • HP Universal Bond Paper 

  • HP Universal Glossy Photo Paper 

Printing Cost 

  • $1 per linear foot on HP Universal Bond Paper 

  • $2 per linear foot on HP Universal Glossy Photo Paper 

Additional Information 

  • Files accepted: SVGPNGJPEG, PDF 

  • All images must be to the correct dimension prior to submitting for printing. Makerspace is not responsible for images that are distrorted upon resizing. 

  • Patrons may bring in their design on a usb flash drive or email to a makerspace advisor for printing. 

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