CO2 Laser Cutter

The Brownsville Public Library Makerspace offers use of a FSL PS48 P-Series Laser Cutting and Engraving System public use. This maching allows users to cut and engrave a large variety of materials. 

Brand/ Model 

PS48 Full spectrum laser


Materials Types 

  • wood  

  • fabric 

  • Leather 

  • Paper 

  • Plexiglas (acrylic) 

  • Delrin (acetal) 

  • mylar, 

  • Rubber 

  • Corian 

  • foods, and more. 

  • Glass 

  • coated metal 

  • Marble 

  • anodized aluminum 

  • Titanium 

  • some phones, tablets, and laptops 

Accepted files: 

  • SVG (cutting and engraving) 

  • PNG (engraving) 

Patrons are required to have their design saved in the approved file formats prior usage.  

Additional Information 

  • There is no fee to use equipment 

  • Patrons must provide material for use on machine, (wood, acrylic, etc.) 

  • Material must be approved prior to use of machine 

  • Patrons must have design ready when requesting usage of equipment (file saved in correct format) 

  • Makerspace waiver must be signed prior to use of equipment.  


The Brownsville Public Library Makerspace, is home to innovation and creativity. It features a variety of equipment, software, and kits in a flexible, collaborative workspace.  


Using Makerspace Equipment 

  • Makerspace equipment is available for walk-in use pending equipment and staff availability. An advance reservation is recommended. 

  • A library card in good standing with a signed waiver is required to make equipment reservations. 

  • A signed Use Agreement and Liability for Use Form acknowledging the user guidelines must be on file at before a maker is allowed use of the equipment. Forms are available at both makerspace departments. 

  • Makers are limited to one reservation per machine type per hour (excluding the 3D printers). After a reservation has been used, if available, Makers can use a machine on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • Reservations may be made up to one week in advance. 

  • Since Makers are expected to monitor their projects at all times, only one machine may be reserved or checked out at a time.