Resolving Tickets


The Municipal Court accepts cash, personal checks (no out-of-town checks), money orders, and the following credit cards:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
Other credit cards need to be done through an automated number: 800-258-6045. Convenience fee applies.
  • Discover
  • American Express
Please do not mail cash. When mailing in a personal checks or money orders, be sure to make it payable to the City of Brownsville. Please include your name and case numbers with the check to receive proper credit.

If you want or need to pay your tickets but do not have the money to pay them off in full, you may be eligible for other options:

Payment Plans

You may be able to arrange for monthly payments but you must get permission from the court. You may come to any of the court locations, fill out the appropriate application form or call us for eligibility and instructions.

Community Service

You may be able to work for a non-profit organization to get credit toward your fines but you must get permission from the court first by going through court.

Jail Credit

You may be able to get credit for being in jail when you had outstanding warrants or delinquent tickets but you must get permission from the court first by coming to the Main Station court or contacting the court for eligibility and instructions.


A Scofflaw is a denial of vehicle registration for city moving violation warrant holders.

What is the purpose of Scofflaw? The purpose of the City of Brownsville Scofflaw is to bring people who have outstanding warrants into compliance by paying their traffic fines and fees.