Monte Bella Trails Park

The three main qualities that parents wanted in this new play space included literacy, inclusivity, and technology. 


Thanks to the combined efforts of United Way of Southern Cameron County  RGV FOCUS, The City of Brownsville, KABOOM and Strive Together a new way to play and stay active can be found at your Monte Bella Trails Park.

The playground was designed and built by the community for our community in efforts to increase play and fight play space inequity. 

Many thanks to the 300+ survey replies and design day attendees for you awesome feedback! 

Your collective ideas highlighted the importance of a play space that is:

  • inclusive and welcoming to all users, with a focus on accessibility
  • reflective of the community
  • safe and multigenerational
  • shaded
  • full of ways to climb and slide
  • a combination of traditional and familiar playground equipment with new and modern equipment
  • vibrant in colors
  • FUN!
Monte Bella Park Collage
Visit this beautiful natural park on the outskirts of Brownsville opened in 2007 this park is a wide open space for our newly NRPA crowdfunded grant 21 disc golf course, phase I complete - pads and baskets installed, next phase includes signage. And enjoy our beginner level 7 miles single track mountain bike course that runs counter-clockwise elevation 31 feet. There are also runners and hikers on this trail. This natural preserved park serves as a buffer between the rapidly growing, mostly residential west side of Brownsville and the Rio Grande River East - West Natural Corridor system.

Reviews About This Trail

On the east side of parking area, there is a warm-up loop that goes around the big field. On the west side, the main trail goes back along a [drainage canal] - follow this all the way until it ends and that's where the main trail starts. There is nothing very technical in Brownsville, but the trails offer a fairly high speed course. There are a lot of tight switchbacks that you have to hammer the brakes going in to, then put the power down coming out of. The trails run mostly in the Mesquite trees, and there is usually a gulf breeze that offers some relief from the south Texas heat. A fantastic well maintained city park with a load of wildlife - birds, lizards and rabbits scatter the trail in the summer. If you come to the area, be sure to bring your bike!

I lived in Brownsville for two years, and this trail was a nice part of living there. It is mostly flat singletrack through mesquite and cactus with a few drops and minor technical features. When it is dry (most of the time) it is a hard packed clay that allows for quick corners and pretty good speed. It cannot be ridden wet (mud cakes wheels). Make sure you have slime, everything has thorns on it. There is a lot of wildlife spring through fall, lizards and rabbits will race you down the trail. I rate this trail high for smooth ride, interesting flora and fauna.

Average Rating

  • 4/5 Stars

More about this park, can be found HERE.

Map of Trail 1