Adaptive Aquatics

Safe Swim Lesson
Adaptive Aquatics are individual swimming lessons that adapt the aquatic environment to meet the needs of everyone.  Our swimming program is an inclusion based program.  The swimming environment is least restrictive at all levels.   
If you require modifications, or help in creating a success plan best suited to your needs please make your requests during registration. 

Equal Accommodations

Participants with and without special needs can all benefit from this program because the focus is placed on an individual's abilities, and not their disabilities.

The goals of the Adaptive Aquatics Program are to teach water safety, functional swimming skills, and recreational swimming skills. You're going to learn to be safe and confident in the water, but you're also going to have a great time doing so!
Safe Swim Lesson

Lifeguard Certifications

American Red Cross Certified lifeguard/instructors develop a learning program designed to help an individual (ages 3 to young adult) learn to swim to the best of his or her ability.

Our specialized staff works with their students to learn basic water skills while incorporating educational and social skills as well. 
Swimmers are under supervision at all times, with or without a flotation device.

The benefits of this program are endless and well worth the effort. Do it for health, for safety, and fun!
Adaptive Swimming is a fun and beneficial program that is continually growing. We are constantly finding new equipment and teaching techniques to accommodate all the needs of our students.


If you would like more information about this program, please contact Aquatics & Compliance Coordinator Samuel Perez at (956) 275-1114.
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