Participating Contractors

Rehabilitation and reconstruction work is performed by qualified contractors previously approved by the City of Brownsville Purchasing and Contract Services Division. A Request for Proposals (RFP) is put out every year to select qualified contractors.

Contractor Selection/Bidding Process

Homeowners are responsible for selecting a contractor through the procurement of 3 bids. The process for selecting a contractor involves the following steps:
  1. Scope of work is prepared by the Office of Grant Management/Community Development (OGM/CD) staff.
  2. OGM/CD staff meets with homeowner to discuss improvements (scope of work) and all terms of the program. OGM/CD staff signs a written agreement with the homeowner to secure participation in the program.
  3. Homeowners are instructed to contact at least 3 contractors to commence the bidding process.
  4. Contractors are notified via email that scope of work/bid form is ready to be picked-up.
  5. Contractors must submit their completed scope of work/bid form to the homeowner within one week upon being contacted by the homeowner.
  6. Homeowner notifies OGM/CD staff once s/he has secured the 3 bids and a meeting is scheduled to discuss bids submitted.
  7. Once contractor has been selected and notified, an agreement between the homeowner and the contractor is signed.
  8. Work can commence once a purchase order has been secured and a notice to proceed is issued by OGM/CD staff.
  9. All rehabilitation/reconstruction work is completed within 30 days.
  10. Upon completion of all required work, OGM/CD staff facilitates a final inspection/walk-through with the homeowner and contractor to ensure that all work performed meets the homeowner's satisfaction.
  11. Homeowner is asked to complete a phone survey to provide feedback about the program.
The contractors will not be allowed to change (add or delete) any work order once the homeowner has signed off on the rehabilitation work. Any change in the work order must be approved by the OGM/CD prior to any additional or amended work being performed.