Programs & Registration Information


The Brownsville Sports Park programs accommodate over 200,000 visitors, 2,500 games and dozens of tournaments and events each year. This premium facility offers both youth and adult programs as well as playing host to large community events.

You may visit the BSP offices to register in person, we are located at 1000 Sports Park Blvd.

You can register online by going to  COB.RECDESK.COM

For more info, please dial 956-574-6650

Brownsville Sports Park Priority Usage

  1. City of Brownsville Leagues, games and tournaments
  2. Organized Events
    • Tournaments
    • Leagues
    • Games
  3. Schools
  4. Parks & Recreation partners/sponsors (per agreement)
  5. General public rentals
  6. Brownsville Sports Park league practices

League/Sports Program Registration

There are 4 ways to register for our sports programs:
  • By Mail:
    • Complete the registration form on the last page of the program guide and include your money order or check.
    • Mail to:
      Brownsville Sports Park
      1000 Sports Park Boulevard
      Brownsville, TX 78526

      This method of enrollment is valid for all sports.
  • By Fax:
    • Complete the registration form and fax to 956-350-3193.
    • If registering for adult programs, Call 956-350-2842 after sending your fax to verify your placement.
  • By Phone:
    • For youth and adult sports league registration, follow the fax procedure above.
  • Walk-In:
    • Visit the Brownsville Sports Park Office at 1000 Sports Park Boulevard. We accept cash, check or money order. The office stops taking payments at 4 p.m. daily.