Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Office of the Planning and Redevelopment Department was created for the long-term protection of the historical, architectural, archeological, and cultural resources that make Brownsville unique. The buildings here represent a varied assortment of architectural styles built with different construction typologies dating from the 1840s. The Historic Preservation Office oversees the design review process for mostly alterations to historic properties. We coordinate with other City departments to ensure compliance with required review processes created at the state and federal level to protect historic resources. 

The Historic Preservation Office is also responsible for utilizing the historic resources to strengthen the economic vitality of the City. The Department establishes public policy that enhances the resources and attractions for the benefit of the residents, tourists, and visitors. The Department has broad responsibility to foster knowledge and civic pride in the beauty and accomplishment of the City's past.

The Historic Preservation Officer is charged with identifying, evaluating, caring for and conserving the City's built historical resources. The Office is located in the Planning and Redevelopment Department and reports to the Planning Director, both of which are located in City Plaza at 1034 E. Levee St., 2nd Floor, in Downtown Brownsville.