Brownsville Trails

Historic Battlefield Trail

Historic Battlefield Trail

This 9-mile hike and bike path runs through the middle of Brownsville, allowing users to travel from Linear Park to Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. The trail connects pedestrians and cyclists to a number of significant historical and cultural resources and is considered the "spine" of Brownsville's Hike and Bike Network. Amenities along the trail include rest areas, water fountains, informational kiosks, and a public repair station at Linear Park. Trail users experience the natural environment of South Texas, observing up close the beauty of the resacas (former Rio Grande River tributaries), palm trees, mesquites, and wildlife. The Historic Battlefield Trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 2013.
Belden Trail

The Belden Trail


Completed in October of 2013, this mile-long trail was converted from an old rail corridor into a wide concrete path lined by grass, trees, and surrounded by residential homes. Although only one-mile in length, the Belden Trail connects users to Riverside Park, Skinner Elementary School, Sam's Stadium, Prax Orive Jr. / Sunrise Park, and commercial areas such as the Palm Village Shopping Center. Amenities along the trail include benches, trash receptacles, pergolas, bike racks, and a public repair station near the Prax Orive Jr. / Sunrise Park. A Belden Trail Extension was completed in 2016 that extends Belden Trail from Prax Orive Jr. /Sunrise Park to the bike lane on E. 6th Street. This extension allows trail users from West Brownsville to connect to the Historic Battlefield Trail and the Fort Brown Connection.

Paseo de la Resaca Trail

Paseo de la Resaca System

Opened in 2000, the Paseo de la Resaca trail system is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and was built on the former Hudson Ranch. It consists of 7 miles of paved hike and bike trails comprised of several sections: Central Parkway, Texas Trail of Trees Park, North Park and Tennis Center, and the Brownsville Events Center. In 2006, the trails were connected to the 9-mile Historic Battlefield Trail. Destinations include: Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center, Paredes Elementary School, Hudson Elementary School, IDEA Brownsville, and various commercial areas along East Ruben M. Torres Sr. Boulevard.
Monte Bella

Monte Bella Park Trail

Located at 2555 West Alton Gloor Boulevard, Monte Bella Park is home to about 6.2 miles of mountain biking trails. This dirt, single-track, counter-clockwise loop trail has several small climbs and lots of twisty sections with tights turns. Trail users can closely experience the natural environment and wildlife of the area. This trail does not lead to any destinations as it within Monte Bella Park.