Future Plans

Future Plans

The Bicycle and Trail Master Plan's main goals are to increase city connectivity and create safe, comfortable and accessible bike and pedestrian facilities. The implementation of the Master Plan is well on its way with over 20% of Brownsville's population enjoying access to a bike route/trail. Future plans include that by 2018 every Brownsville resident will be within a half-mile from a cycling facility.
Final Bicycle and Trail Master Plan Map
An agreement between the City of Brownsville and Cameron County Drainage District to construct and maintain the hike and bike trails on land adjacent to the numerous drainage ditches located throughout the region has influenced unprecedented collaboration and movement in neighboring communities. Brownsville is working toward creating and implementing bicycle and walking infrastructure plans to connect the entire Rio Grande Valley.

Lower Rio Grande Valley Active Transportation & Active Tourism Plan

On February 13, 2015, Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation awarded $100,000 to the City of Brownsville, in partnership with The University of Texas School of Public Health Brownsville Regional Campus, for the Lower Rio Grande Valley Active Transportation and Active Tourism Plan (previously the Cameron County in Motion: Active Transport Master Plan) project.

The LRGV Active Transportation and Active Tourism Plan will evaluate the connectivity possibilities between neighborhoods and cities within the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and provide an outline for interconnected pedestrian and bicycle routes. These routes would not only connect the cities, but also encourage physical activity and bicycle tourism.

The Plan will include the analysis of Cameron County's demographics and the review of local and regional market conditions of over 10 cities in the Valley. Public input will serve as criteria to develop this strategic plan. The LRGV Active Transportation and Active Tourism Plan will reflect public meetings outcomes and recommendations from experts and the different communities in Cameron County. This Plan will establish guidelines for current and future land use, pedestrian circulation, vehicular circulation, parking and natural features of the partnered communities. The Plan will strengthen the overall vision of the biking communities along the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Soon, Brownsville will enjoy a 21st century biking metroplex with the addition of 129 miles of hike and bike trails, lanes, and bicycle boulevards within the city limits.