Public Health Department


The Public Health Department is committed to promote, educate, protect, and serve the citizens of Brownsville by utilizing innovative solutions for human, animal, and environmental health. 


To be the established authority at the forefront; committed to human, animal, and environmental health. 



  • Bee Eradication 
  • Mosquito Spraying
  • Larviciding, & Adulticiding 
  • Ordinance Enforcement: 
  • Weedy lots 
  • Garage Sales 
  • Ordinance Enforcement
  • Restaurant Permits & Inspections 
  • Adoption of Pets


Dr. Arturo Rodriguez, Director of Public Health and Wellness 
 Office Phone: (956) 542-3437
 Email: [email protected]

Roberto Garcia, Assistant Director of Public Health and Wellness
Office Phone: (956)  542-3437
Email: [email protected] 

Christopher Haggstrom, Health Inspections Supervisor
Office Phone:  (956) 547-6541

Email: [email protected]

Raul Barron, Ordinance Enforcement Supervisor 
Office Phone:  (956) 542- 3437 ext. 6246

Email: [email protected]

Esmeralda Flores, Wellness Manager 
Office Phone:  (956) 547-6530
Email: [email protected] 

Yaziri Gonzalez, Medical Entomologist
Office Phone:  (956) 574-6698
Email: [email protected] 

Michelle Jones, Epidemiology and Surveillance Program Manager
Office Phone:  (956) 548-6123
Email: [email protected]  

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