Health Inspections

Public Health Notice Recommendation Signs for Establishments (Bilingual)

Public Health Notice Signs for Establishments following Health Recommendations (Bilingual)

Food Safety

Food Safety PDF (2)

Program Goal

The goal of the Foods Division is to ensure that the food being sold and served within our city is safe, wholesome, properly labeled, properly advertised and is produced under sanitary conditions.


Brownsville Public Health Department Food Inspection Program

  • Enforces federal, state and local food safety regulations in over 2,000 food facilities in the city.
  • Enforces city ordinances against illegal vendors.
  • Licenses and inspects mobile food units.
  • Regulates food operators at outdoor special events.
  • Licenses an inspects any and all businesses vending consumable products.
  • Stresses prevention of foodborne illnesses during routine inspections.