Enterprise Applications


Enterprise Applications is committed to maintaining secure IT infrastructure and services to our residents and employees through innovative IT solutions.


To create a better quality of life through cutting edge technology.


The department’s base level services broadly summarize the department’s activities and are reflective of the services required to meet City Commission Pillars.  These service levels are more thoroughly enumerated in the department’s Work Plan. 

Leadership & Management

  • Provides effective motivational leadership and guidance to staff and supports the City’s established culture.
  • In conjunction with ODHR develops and implements employee development plans to ensure the advancement of technology skills and retention of staff within the department.
  • Maintains fiscal responsibility and efficiencies for the department’s budget and administers an enterprise wide technology fund to supplement funding of innovative technology across departments. 

Applications & GIS

  • Maintains and supports enterprise-wide software applications for business process improvements, enhancing the customer experience while considering innovation.
  • Maintains and supports ‘big data’ and provides data analytical story telling.
  • Creates and maintains GIS data, standards and structures, coordinates GIS Workgroup and promotes GIS internally and externally to the community.

Network Administration & Security

  • Manages and supports existing and new network infrastructure.
  • Maintains and supports telecommunications.
  • Maintains and supports video camera systems.
  • Reduces cyber security risk through implementation of security best practices through controls, training, and compliance and promotes cyber security awareness within the organization and in the community. 

IT Support Services & Solutions

  • Develops, manages and implements enterprise wide innovative technology solutions and ideas through project and change management principles and strategies.
  • Provides end user support services and training for a diverse array of technological devices.