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Welcome to the Brownsville Global Information Systems (GIS) Help Page, where we have provided the questions most commonly asked about GIS and how to use our GIS maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS?
How do I use map layers?
How do I find an address in Brownsville?
How do I find street intersections, or streets in Brownsville?
How do I find a business?
How do I find a park?
How do I find a Brownsville Independent School District school?
How do I find a city maintained free Wi-Fi Hotspot?
How do I print my map?

The maps are provided through various sources and may or may not be fully accurate, as explained in our legal disclaimer.

For More Information

For assistance with navigating maps, or the Management Information Services (MIS) and GIS web page problems, please call the City of Brownsville MIS Help Line at 956-548-6090, or email us.

Map Content Inquiries

For map content information, please contact Martin Vela, City of Brownsville, TX, GIS Working Group Chair at 956-548-6090 or by email, or Gail Bruciak, MIS Director at 956-548-6090 or by email.

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