Residents & Visitors GIS Map

If this is the first time utilizing the interactive application, we suggest you visit our Help Page, where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to utilize all of the features in this map. Also included are short videos of some of the capabilities of this interactive map.

View the Residents and Visitors GIS Map


The Residents and Visitors category is focused on providing information about the city that is most commonly requested. We have created layers to assist users performing a GIS query:

  • Aerial Online - ESRI: allows viewers to see aerial map photos of the City of Brownsville, provided by Bing Maps.
  • Brownsville City Limits: displays the current City boundaries
  • Brownsville Electoral Districts: provides the location of the four voting districts throughout the City.
  • Brownsville Metro: provides information of bus stops and the bus lines located throughout the City.
  • Public Safety: designed to share information on the location of Fire stations, Hospitals and Police Department/Substations.