City Secretary


To support and facilitate governmental processes by: 

  • *Assisting the Mayor and City Commission in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities; 
  • *Providing efficient public access to municipal records and public information; 
  • *Enhancing public participation in municipal governmental processes; 
  • *Ensuring the integrity the municipal election and records management processes; 
  • *Providing continuity for city government by recording its legislative actions and serving as historian for the City; and 
  • *Providing administrative support to all city departments, boards and commissions of the City of Brownsville.  


The Office of the City Secretary is at the forefront in the provisions of legislative and administrative processes in municipal government and is to ensure the accuracy and legality of all city documents. As The Office of the City Secretary, teamwork, participation, initiative, and service-in-value are what drives our Department to best serve the citizens of Brownsville in accordance with State & Municipal Laws. We believe in value, we believe in our citizens, and are here to safeguard all records trusted and vested to the City of Brownsville.

Services Offered

  • Issuance & registration of birth and death certificates
  • Acceptance and compliance with public information requests
  • Issuance of Liquor/beer/wine permits
  • Recording of City Commission/Boards and Commissions minutes, ordinances, and resolutions 
  • Posting of Public notices for all City Commission/Boards and Commissions in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act 
  • Administering Regular, Charter, and Special Elections 
  • Issuance of Proclamations/Special recognitions/Awards

Office Location and Hours

City Plaza, 1st Floor
1034 E Levee Street (physical)
PO Box 911 (mailing)
Brownsville, TX

Monday through Friday (excluding City Holidays) 
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Birth/Death Certificates issuance: 8:15 am to 4:00 pm (The last client is accepted at 3:30 pm)

Phone: 956-548-6042 
Fax: 956-546-2130