Mobile Food Units (MFU)

* Please contact the Public Health Department BEFORE purchasing a MFU.*

Minimum Site Requirements:


  • Preliminary inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • TCEQ approved Waste hauler contract for 1 year
  • Commercial storage contract for 1 year
    • Storage shall provide an electrical connection and concrete/asphalt slab
  • Valid Texas Driver’s license
    • Owner of MFU
  • MFU License plate registration
  • Insurance
  • 77 Flea Market approval

Food Truck Park

  • Preliminary inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • 1 year FTP contract
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License
    • Owner of MFU
  • MFU License plate registration
  • Insurance 

Commercial location

  • Accessory to an establishment (not a stand-alone)
  • Preliminary inspection
  • Fire Inspection
  • 1 year notarized agreement 
    1. Property owner contact information
    2. Restroom 
    3. Dumpster 
  • MFU License plate registration
  • Insurance 

Due to the high safety standards of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM), all MFU's shall meet NATM guidelines.

"The program begins with the Guidelines for Minimum Recommended Manufacturing Practices (Guidelines). The Guidelines are a compilation of applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, regulations, and industry best practices – all found in one easy-to-use, organized compendium. The Guidelines aim to create easy access to reference materials and federal regulations with which trailer manufacturers are required to comply..."


Minimum MFU Requirements:

Mobile Food Unit minimum requirements

Mobile Food Unit Mobility

A vehicle mounted, self or otherwise propelled, self-contained food service operation, designed to be readily movable, and constructed of corrosion resistant material; structure placed on a trailer shall be permanently affixed. 

Trailer ManufacturerManufactured in compliance with NATM guidelines.

Preparation Area

Walls, floors, and ceiling are solid, light in color, smooth and easily cleanable; protect against weather, rodents, insects and other animals. 50ft. candles of lighting is required. 

Potable Water Tank

Water must be from an approved source; permanently installed; tank labeled as “Potable Water” and have a 3/4 –inch inlet. 

Clean Water Inlet

Easily accessible, operational, and properly plumbed from an approved source.

Liquid Waste Retention Tank

At least 15% larger than the potable water storage tank, permanently installed, sloped to drain 1-inch in inner diameter and labeled “waste water”

Waste Water Valve

Shut off valve for draining easily accessible.

Hot and Cold Water/ Water Heater/ Water Pump

Under pressure and provided to all sinks with hot water temperature at least 110°F. Minimum 10-gallon water heater or 2.5 tankless water heater and automatic water pump.

Hand Wash Sink with Splash Guards

Shall be its own fixture; properly supplied conveniently locate and accessible.

Three compartment sink with dual drain boards

Each compartment shall be large enough to clean largest equipment/ utensil.

Hot and Cold Holding Equipment

Adequate to maintain Time/ Temperature Control for Safety (TSC) foods at required temperatures and shall be commercial grade NSF/UL approved.

Certified Food Manager and Food Handler Certificate

Shall be present at all hours of operation.

Food products

Shall be obtained from an approved source and shall maintain receipts on hand at all times.

Kitchen essentials

Cold/Hot thermometers, hair restraints, PH test kit, gloves and first aid kit.

Service windows

Installed screening at least 16 mesh to 1-inch.

Single serve items

Shall only provide single service articles to consumers.

Separation of cabin

Driver’s area shall be separated from food preparation area (partition/door)


Provided for employees; conveniently located (within 500 feet)

*Grease Trap (if required)

Contact utility provider for proper sizing.

*Utility Pole and Water Connection

Contact Planning and Redevelopment Services Department.

Foundation material

Concrete/ Asphalt

For more information on guidelines and requirements regarding MFU's please contact the Public Health Department at 956-542-3437.