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The City of Brownsville is interested in citizens serving as members of our boards and committees. As community leaders, citizens can provide an invaluable service to the City through board or committee membership and participation. Members volunteer many hours annually, by sharing their time and expertise, while learning more about the City through their membership.

Some of the City's boards and committees are required and established by state stature, while other result from provisions of the City's Home-Rule Charter or from local ordinances. Boards and committees address such subjects as planning and zoning, transportation, parks, library, aviation, health, and building inspection. Although many boards and committees are advisory only, their influence and value can be significant as they make recommendations on a wide range of topics that eventually come before the City Commission.

It is important for board and committee members to remember that the City Commission, not the board or committee, is ultimately responsible to the citizens. In some cases, a board or committee recommendation will not be implemented despite the boards and committee's best public involvement effort. It should be understood that the City Commission's area of responsibility and concern is very broad and there are many factors that influence City Commission decisions.


Please be advised that the current vacancies are not real-time. The information is updated as vacancies become available or as appointments are made by the City Commission. Please contact our office for more information at 956-548-6001.

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