Organizational Development and Human Resources


1001 E Elizabeth Street, 4th Floor
Brownsville, TX 78520



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Phone Number Alternative

The 4357 of the number is also HELP when dialing.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Casanova, Dalia Talent Development Business Partner 956-548-6036  
Cepeda, Perla Director, Organizational Development & Human Resources 956-548-6037  
Cruz, Elizabeth Assistant Director, OD&HR 956-548-6037  
Garcia, Adrian Administrative Specialist 956-548-6063  
Hernandez, Laura OD&HR Manager 956-548-6037  
Martinez, Monica Administrative Technician 956-548-6037  
Medina, Joanna Talent Development Business Partner 956-548-6057  
Mendoza, Karina Civil Service Director 956-548-6093  
Ortega, Maleny Human Resources Business Partner 956-548-6198  
Paz, Sylvia Human Resources Business Partner 956-548-6059  
Preciado, Elizabeth Benefits Business Partner 956-548-6148  
Reyes, Ivan Benefits and Compensation Manager 956-548-6064  
Ruvalcaba, Miranda Talent Development Business Partner 956-548-6035