What type of reporting is required?
Funding recipient will be required to submit quarterly reports, along with pictures, documenting the progress of the project to the BCIC office.

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1. How do I know if my project qualifies by the state law under The Development Corporation Act of 1979?
2. Can a church or school apply?
3. When is the application due date?
4. Can I apply if I currently have an open project funded by Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation?
5. Do I need a monetary match?
6. Can the match be in-kind donations or land appraised value?
7. Can I apply to help subsidize annual operating cost of my organization?
8. Can I apply if my project will be located in Los Fresnos?
9. How are projects selected?
10. Will I have to do a presentation to the BCIC Board on my proposed project?
11. When will I know the Board’s decision on the status of my submitted application?
12. If my project is approved, how long do I have to complete the funded project?
13. s there a limit on the amount of funding that can be requested?
14. Do I follow BCIC procurement if I have a funded project?
15. If my project is funded but not for the full amount, can I apply again at the next funding cycle to complete the project?
16. How does the reimbursement work?
17. What type of reporting is required?