What are the rules?
Please realize that this is a community program focused on recreation, respect, safety, and fun. We will not permit any illegal activity, rude behavior, bullying, fighting, destruction of property, theft, harassment, prejudice, and or anything that would cause harm to self, other children, staff, or the public. Failure to abide by rules set at our parks may result in immediate expulsion.

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1. What is the cost of program membership?
2. Who is eligible for membership?
3. When does the program begin and end?
4. When is the registration office open?
5. Can my child stay after 6 p.m.?
6. What are the rules?
7. Do I need to sign my child in and out every day?
8. How should my child dress?
9. Can you just give my child aspirin for a headache?
10. Why can't my child bring his/her hand-held game?
11. Can I join my child for a game of basketball during ASRP hours?