What does Section 54-175 explain?
This section explains how smoking shall be prohibited in the following enclosed residential facilities:
A. All private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes.
B. At least 80% of hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests (Section 54-175).

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1. Why adopt a smoking ordinance?
2. When does the Smoking Ordinance take effect?
3. Where is smoking prohibited?
4. What do you mean by "enclosed public places"?
5. Does this ordinance include city-owned facilities?
6. Can I smoke in the privacy of my own home?
7. What does Section 54-175 explain?
8. I sometimes like to relax at bars with a beverage and a cigarette; am I not allowed to smoke a cigarette in a bar anymore, since it is considered a "public place"?
9. My company has a section at work that is designated for smoking, are employees allowed to smoke in this area?
10. Can I smoke at the outdoor flea market?
11. My place of business has ashtrays placed outside entrance of my establishment, am I allowed to have the ashtrays there?
12. I own a business, how do I know that my business is in compliance with this ordinance?
13. Who is responsible to enforce the Smoking Ordinance?
14. What happens if someone violates the Smoking Ordinance?
15. How can I learn more about this ordinance?