Can I post signs on street utility poles?
No person shall post or affix any notice, poster or other paper or device, calculated to attract the attention of the public, to any lamppost, public utility pole, right of way, shade tree or upon any public structure or building. (Ordinance46-43)

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1. How high can my grass get before I am in violation?
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3. My car does not work, but it is on my property, am I still in violation?
4. Can I post signs on street utility poles?
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6. How long does it take an Ordinance Enforcement Officer to respond to a violation?
7. It has been more than a week since I called in a violation of high grass and the Ordinance Enforcement Officers came and put a sign up, but this is all they did. When will the grass get cut?
8. How high does the grass have to be to qualify for emergency mowing?