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14th Street Plaza


  1. Benches
  2. Water Feature
  3. WiFi

About this Park

The 14TH Street plaza is located  in the heart of Downtown Brownsville, and is steps from the Gateway International Bridge.

Located in Downtown Brownsville and a block from the University of Texas at Brownsville. This small park is steps from the most used international bridge in the city for pedestrian crossings. 

People on the US side wanting to go to Mexico can simply park their car on the US side, walk over to Mexico and have access to several tourist attractions in Matamoros, Mexico. People on the Mexican side are able to walk over to the United States and have access to hundreds of retail outlets in Downtown Brownsville.

Other areas of interest in the neighborhood include Museums, The University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville Mass Transit system, B Metro, Duty Free shop and more.
 Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown shops and merchants, citizens can enjoy a moment in the shade at the 14th Street Plaza. 


AARP Texas presented the City of Brownsville at $20,000 check for the "transformation and activation" of the 14th Street Plaza on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  

The grant is part of the AARP Livable Communities initiative which supports the "efforts of neighborhoods, towns, cities, and rural areas to be great places for people of all ages."