Does the City hold auctions?

The City’s Internal Services Department handles all City Auctions. They can be reach at  956-546-HELP. Click Here for their webpage. 

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1. How do I get on the City of Brownsville Vendor List
2. Do I have to pay to register? Vendors can register for free to view, download and submit bids electronically.
3. Where do I get hard copies of the solicitations can I come to the City and pick it up?
4. Will someone from the City help me prepare my bid submission?
5. What if my bid is delivered late or it does not arrive on time will it still be considered?
6. Am I required to register to download bid specifications?
7. Can anyone bid?
8. How do I submit a bid?
9. Does the City accept electronic Bid Submissions?
10. Will the City check my references?
11. How do I determine if I have a conflict of interest?
12. What is the threshold amount at which competitive bidding or proposals are required?
13. Will I be required to provide insurance coverage?
14. When does the City Commission meet?
15. Does the City hold auctions?
16. How do I know if I qualify for HUB Status
17. If I become a HUB will I automatically get City Business?
18. I want to provide the City a demo of my product who do I call?
19. Where does the City post Bid Opportunities?
20. When I download the specifications file and I open the file, I get a message box telling me that I need something called Adobe Acrobat Reader, what is that?
21. If I have more questions where do I go?