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Brownsville Events Center--Tell Us How We Did!

  1. BEC Customer Survey: Tell Us How We Did!
    Dear Customer, As a valued Brownsville Events Center customer we are interested in learning about your experience with us. Brownsville Events Center is committed to providing high standard CUSTOMER SERVICE that meets client’s expectations through continuous improvement. Please take a few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire, fill out and send back to us to let us know how we did?
  2. Ballroom appearance *
  3. Room set-up as requested*
  4. Kitchen & concession stands*
  5. Waiter & corridor*
  6. Office staff efficiency *
  7. Maintenance staff efficiency*
  8. Restrooms cleaned at all times*
  9. Front entrance cleaned at all times*
  10. Security*
  11. Would you return to the Brownsville Events Center?*
  12. Will you recommend the Brownsville Events Center?*
  13. Overall satisfaction*
  14. Did any of your guests stay at a hotel?*
  15. Did you have any out of town guests at your event?*
  16. Do you or child have a special need?​ If Yes, would you like to have an accommodation provided by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist?*
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