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Learn to Swim Program Survey

  1. Learn to Swim Program Survey
    City of Brownsville Parks and Rec requests your help. Please complete the following Customer Satisfaction Survey based on the program recently completed. Your opinion will be valued and will help to shape future operations. Thank you for your time.
  2. What pool did you have you classes at?*
  3. The conditions of the pool/facility were:*
  4. When you registered for this program, the process (forms, etc) was simple and comfortable.
  5. Aquatics staff helpful and friendly?*
  6. Were the classes well organized?*
  7. Did your classes start and end on time?
  8. You or your child learned skills and progressed as you expected.*
  9. Program price and experience was a good value.*
  10. Would you enroll yourself or child(ren) in this program again?*
  11. Would you refer us to a friend?*
  12. Do you or child have a special need?​ If Yes, would you like to have an accommodation provided by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist? *
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