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TR/RT Needs Assessment Survey

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  2. The TR Branch is a subcommittee of the Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS), created to serve therapeutic recreation, recreation, and TRAPS members … we strive to provide the best service to our members and those we serve. Please assist us in evaluating and improving our program(s), offerings, and professional support to you and therapeutic recreation by answering the questions below. We thank you greatly as this information will help us better serve you.

  3. Work
  4. 1. What Type of Agency or Organization do you work for?*
  5. 2. What is the primary population you serve? (check one)*
  6. TRAPS
  7. How often do you visit the TRAPS Website or Social Media Pages?*
  9. 4. Are you satisfied with the TR Sessions with TRAPS (Regional, State Conference, Online, TR Workshops, TR Summit/PEAKS)?*
  10. -Are you more likely to attend knowing the session is NCTRC pre-approved? *
  11. 6. Would you like to lead a session?*
  12. What types of sessions would you be able to lead?*

    Check all that apply

  13. What time of year is best for you to lead a session?*
  14. Do you prefer to lead sessions virtually?*
  15. 7. What barriers prevent you from participating in TRAPS (Regional, State Conference, Online, TR Workshops, TR Summit)?*
  16. 8. Would you pay to participate in more virtual TR cue’s Sessions similar as to what you would find at the TRAPS Institute?*
  17. 9. Please select the method(s) you would like to receive communications from the TR branch. *

    We respect your privacy but would like to know a bit more about you in order to serve you better, please complete the section below about your personal information if you care to share those details with us. This will be used to contact you about any areas of interest you shared.

  19. Pronoun
  20. (Type X  if unknown)

  21. Currently *
  22. More information

    For additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: Or visit our Facebook page – Email: [email protected]

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